Maggie with his two boys standing in the Football field

Get ready, football fanatics, because the 2023 NFL season is here, and it’s time to throw the ultimate football watch party! Whether you’re a rookie host or a seasoned party planner, we’ve got 10 tips to help you score a touchdown with your friends. Let’s huddle up and kick off the fun!

Choose Your Players: First things first, pick a date and time for your epic football fiesta. Draft your guest list and send out those invites. Remember, not everyone is as football-crazed as you, so plan some activities for the non-diehard fans. (Check out tip #7!)
Send Out Invitations: A two-week heads-up for your guests is ideal. Don’t stress; has some fantastic NFL-themed invitation templates that make inviting a breeze. Set an RSVP deadline and get the excitement brewing!

Plan Your Decor: Show your team spirit by decking out your place in your team’s colors. Here are some creative ideas to get your party looking super Insta-worthy:

  • Create a balloon arch in your team’s colors.
  • Build a concession stand with snazzy letter board signage.
  • Roll out some cheap astro turf as table runners or coasters.
  • Turn the back of your pickup truck into a beverage center.
  • Add team pennants, pompoms, goalposts, and confetti galore!

Check Your Video and Audio: Don’t fumble on game day. Make sure your big screen is ready to rock and roll. Test your video and audio equipment, and make sure you have the game ready to go. Consider setting up multiple viewing areas so nobody misses a moment of the action.

Create Your Menu: Finger foods are the MVP of game day grub! Think pigs in a blanket, sliders, chips, dips, wings, veggie trays, pizza, burgers, and hotdogs. Don’t forget a DIY chili and toppings bar for added excitement!

Dress the Part: Show your team pride by donning your jersey and maybe even some under-eye black for that true game-day look. Feeling adventurous? Dress up as your team’s cheerleaders or even be a ref if you’ve got rival fans in the crowd!

Add Game to Your Game: While the main event is the game itself, don’t forget about pre-game activities. Challenge your guests with football trivia, set up a friendly game of cornhole, or just toss a football around in the yard. And remember, kids and some adults may need their own fun space with crafts, games, and movies to keep the whining at bay.

Document the Fun with Video: Don’t let the moments of glory pass by unnoticed. Capture the excitement on camera, especially those animated cheers that’ll make for hilarious post-game replays.

Score Extra Points with Take-Home Goodie Bags: Show your appreciation with treat bags that say, “I hope you had a ball!” Fill them with football stress balls, “Superbowl” pop rings, team pennants, and football-shaped chocolates. It’s the extra point that’ll make your party unforgettable!

Follow Up with Your Fans: After the final whistle blows, keep the party vibes going on social media. Thank your awesome guests, relive the memorable moments, and cement those fantastic memories.

So, there you have it! With these tips, your 2023 NFL watch party will be a roaring success. Get ready to tackle the fun, touchdown after touchdown, and make this season one for the record books!

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